OneBar story

Our team

Meet the team behind OneBar!

We work from Belarus and California. We use Google Docs, GitHub, Slack, Trello and OneBar every day.

Before OneBar, we spent years working with engineering teams. We saw things as contractors, full-time employees, clients, and employers. We worked from the same office and remotely; in one time zone, and with 11 hours difference. In companies of size 3, 30, 300, and 3000. If there's one thing that has always been hard — it's getting up to speed, and staying up to date with the project. Onboarding and ramping up may easily take several months, but things rarely get easier after that. The company grows, you're taking on new projects, joining new teams, working with new customers. Several years in, and you may still feel like complete rookie. Every day you run into questions like "What is this new feature? Who owns it? This thing failed, now what do I do? Where can I find X? How do I do Y?, etc.", and finding answers is hard. In large distributed teams you can easily spend the whole day figuring out one little thing, only to get blocked by the next one right after. We were in this situation too many times, so we decided to start OneBar and fix it.

We want people to spend their time, energy and creativity on meaningful work, not depressing routine.