What is OneBar?

OneBar is a Q&A Knowledge Base for your team. It is like StackOverflow or Quora, but it’s private for your team, optimized for collaboration, and integrates with the systems that you use at work.

Who is it for?

It is for teams that rely heavily on knowledge sharing. Examples are: engineering, support, customer success, sales, HR, etc. It also works great for cross-team communication and resolving ad-hoc help requests.

Why does my team need it?

Big teams waste a lot of energy due to poor knowledge management. People spend at least half of their work time either looking for help or helping others. Traditional documentation helps to some degree, but it has many issues:

  • There’s always not enough documentation
  • Documentation is not clear
  • Most of it is outdated
  • Search experience is poor
  • People just don't know that it exists

OneBar is designed to solve all of these!

We already use Google Docs or Confluence, do we still need OneBar?

OneBar doesn’t force you to store every bit of information in it. Just collect questions that your teammates ask, and link them to external docs. You will greately improve searchability, and quickly identify knowledge gaps.

OneBar comes with all the necessary tools and integrations.

Ok, but can I create documents in OneBar?

Yes, it has a powerful WYSIWYG editor with markdown support.

FAQ documents right

Does it work with Slack?

OneBar is specifically designed for Slack teams and comes with a powerful chatbot. You can do most of the things without leaving Slack: search, post new questions, give answers or even save whole conversations to OneBar.

Why Q&A?

As you just saw, Q&A’s are a very efficient way to convey information. They’re short, to the point and they include a real problem in the “Q” part.
Everything in OneBar is a Q&A.