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OneBar is a knowledge management platform that helps your team
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Build internal FAQs to fight repetitive questions

OneBar gives you a convenient way to document frequently asked questions and answers to share with colleagues.

Give your team one place to collaborate on answers

Ask questions, invite people to help, and comment on answers - all in one place.

Keep the knowledge base  organized

Tag answers, assign subject matter experts, configure expiration notifications, and more, all to make sure your information in OneBar stays up-to-date and correct.

Search that finds

Unlike traditional keyword-based search engines, OneBar actually understands what you mean

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Access information right where your team communicates

- Ask @onebar bot questions
- Capture answers from messages and threads
- Receive content updates
- Setup automatic responses

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Embed content instead of copying

Already have an answer in Google Drive or Confluence? Just give OneBar a link, and we’ll embed a live preview into a OneBar document.

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Why companies love OneBar

"Many new teams have come forward to request for onboarding the bot to their team’s channels. We see the interest and enthusiasm only growing larger within the company."
Preeti G. Karkera, Grab
"Just installed it and spent 10 minutes with it, so early days. But the first impression is fantastic - it just worked out of the box. Super convenient to add content to our onebar directly from our document dump."
Carlos Fernandez, Standard Cognition
"Before OneBar, our new hires were often confused about how to find out what they needed to know, and our team spent a lot of time answering the same questions repeatedly. “What is AE?” “How do I find my paystubs?” OneBar enables our new hires to search for answers easily, and request missing information from the rest of the team."
Cole Shiflett, Thoughtspot
"Onebar is a great way to maintain a really accessible database of the information that keeps our company ticking over. If someone has a question they can just pop it into slack and get an answer. And If the answer's not there, they can just ask a question and assign a knowledgeable team member to provide the answer. Then they'll never need to ask that question again."
Harry Rook, Zenstores
"My team was looking for a simple and easy solution to use a knowledge base we could use for our external users as a self-service. In coordination with Slack, OneBar has empowered us and the external users to search for answers easily and be more self-sufficient at the same time. OneBar is a great place to sustain the most up-to-date information for our department and the company. The OneBar team is very informative and open to new ideas, which is great in a company!"
Fernando Anglada, Amherst

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