A knowledge base for Slack

Slack has become a true place where work happens for your organization, but its search still sucks.

Important conversations drown in irrelevant noise. People are resolving same questions again and again, while you’re losing your company’s most valuable asset — its Tribal Knowledge.

Fortunately, there’s a remedy!
OneBar captures Problems that people discuss on Slack
Pairs them with Solutions and stores in the knowledge base
Then Automatically helps others using collected knowledge

OneBar fits into your existing ecosystem

You don’t have to change how your team already communicates - OneBar bot is ready to pitch in right in the middle of a Slack conversation. You can save messages, ask questions, and give answers, all without leaving Slack. Or, you can always go to the web app for advanced features. OneBar also plays well with existing knowledge sources like Confluence or Google Docs.

Get OneBar

OneBar is currently in private beta. If you'd like to learn more or join the beta, please fill out the form below and we'll contact you shortly.