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Build a Team Wiki

You have the best team in the world full of experts in every area. They are all rock-stars, but to work together efficiently, they need to share knowledge. This article is a short walk-through of all the OneBar features that will let you use it as a Full-Fledged Wiki for your team. Let’s go!

People working in a knowledge base

Q&A format

The purpose of every article in your Knowledge Base must be crystal clear. Always put the Question your document answers first.

Create a question with OneBar

Then describe the Answer using our WYSIWYG editor with inline Markdown support.

Adding answers to questions with OneBar


Attach as many Tags as you want to every Problem, then use them to filter information when searching or browsing. OneBar also uses Tags to deliver the right notifications to the right people.

Sort the answers by tags


People often describe the same things using very different words. OneBar allows you to define Synonyms for every Question so that it’s easier for others to discover the answers and understand if they solve their real issues.

Manage synonyms with OneBar


Instead of writing all the documentation by yourself, you can create documentation requests and assign them to your teammates.

Assign experts with OneBar

Import information from Slack

Use our innovative Slack Import Interface to convert your existing Slack conversation into a structured, richly formatted documentation.

Channel suggestions by OneBar

Save threads

The most useful information rarely lives in the wiki - it's scattered across all possible communication channels, and a huge chunk of it can be found in Slack threads.

Save a question in OneBar

You can use @onebar save command to quickly summarize any thread as a Q&A and store it in the knowledge base. It's very easy and it's, perhaps, the fastest way to fill up your new wiki with valuable information.

Cross-link articles

OneBar will automatically detect “What is X” type of questions, and link X to its definition in every article. You can also manually curate the list of related problems or embed OneBar documents inside other OneBar documents.

Answer to a question in OneBar


Finally, access and search your Knowledge Base from wherever you need it.

Answer suggested by OneBar

Stop wasting time on repetitive questions!

Leave the boring job of maintaining documentation to OneBar because your team has better things to do!
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